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Moving On Up Today!

How long have you been in your home?  The average home buyers moves every 8-10 years for a variety of reasons.  Homeownership offers a lot of opportunity.  Your first time home buyer is a small affordable investment.  Typically first time home buyers are under 30 with their first big job.  Maybe they just graduated from college or just got married but they definetly are eager and full of energy and motivation.   Working with first time home buyers is fun and exciting.

Once they're in their home for a while life goes on and you have to change with the seasons of life.  There are a number of reasons homeowners move and it's based on the needs of thier family.  The number of family members can double with the arrival of a couple of kids.   Those kids grow up and get bigger and all thier friends grow up and get bigger too!  They're too old for the neighborhood playground and they just take up too much space indoors.  Maybe your homeowner is looking to spend more time outdoors as well to garden or to persue some other hobby that cannot fit in thier current home.  Maybe your homeowner is making more money and wants to spend that extra income on recreation but is hesitant because there's no room to keep an RV or boat on thier small lot.  Or it's against thier Homeowner Association bylaws!

A smart homeowner will prepare their current property for market today.  With at least 5-10 years of home ownership you can amass a bit of equity.  With the real estate inventory as low as it is right now homeowners can really take advantage of the market and get the most out of their investment.  Selling your home today can get you top dollar so you can afford to move up into a more comfortable lifestyle for your whole family.

Does your current home still fit your families changing needs? 

I can help you get top dollar for your current property so you can start inviting people over and get those kids outside to play!


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