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Bremerton Top Ten Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

The Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum is a local treasure trove of global fairytale characters.  The museum has been around since 1993 and shares space with the Kitsap County Historical Museum on 4th St in downtown Bremerton.  The museum curator Stanley Hess is from a local family and graduated from Central Kitsap High School.  Stanley has been the epitome of a stalworth and dedicated advocate for the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum since I met him back in 2008 when I joined the Downtown Bremerton Association as a brand new real estate agent in town.  He has a team of dedicated volunteers that help him keep the museum in tip top shape all year.  He continues to produce new and exciting puppet performances throughout the year to our youngest community members.  I'm sure the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum is a field trip destination every year for our local schools. It has become part of the fabric of our community.  

Spend an afternoon soaking in the unique history of the collection.  You will be transported to every corner of the world and learn about the various ways people have told stories through the art of puppetry.  Turn the corner into the inner gallery and you will discover familiar storybook characters along the way.  Along the way you'll come across an extra large music box full of marionette on a string and if you're lucky they will dance for you when you drop a quarter in the slot.

The Evergreen Childrens Theatre, which is part of the puppet museun, used to invite The Missoula Childrens Theatre to come to town and produce a musical theatre experience for our local children once a year at Bremerton High School. The Missoula Childrens Theatre is musical theatre out of Missoula Montana, they offer a musical theatre experience to communities all around the world.  A team of two directors  would arrive in their little red truck filled with everything they need to put on a musical theatre production.  They would then hold an open audition workshop, assign the roles and work with a cast of kids for 5 days putting together a top notch performance at the end of the week for the ther families, friends and the community.  The kids learn lines and sing songs, they'd wear costumes, work together as a team and encourage each other.  Evergreen Childrens Theatre, which is also a part of the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum was the very first experience for my youngest daughter, Gigi to be on stage.  Today she is 14 and has had a wealth of opportunities around town to hone her performance and stage skills.   My girl aspires to be a creative someday, she wants to make films and direct, she wants to act and be famous. This  community has afforded her the opportunity to build a solid foundation of experience in the entertainment industry to acheive her goals.  Her plans include Olympic College digital film making degree as well. 

Another reason why Today is Always the Best Day to Invest in Real Estate, especially in Kitsap County. 


Gigi Schulz; a star in the making.

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